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Human machine collaboration

Vikat Robotics

Our Vision

It has been decades humanity have dreamed of smart robots doing their tedious, unproductive and boring work.

Our vision is to bring that decades of dream into reality by making human machine collaboration a reality and letting the intelligent service robots do the unproductive, tedious, repetitive and dull work.

So that people can focus on work which they care most and increase the quality of their lifestyle.


 We are Vikat robotics a startup based on Kathmandu, Nepal. We design and develop intellegent and useful service robots for different industries like hospitality, logistics and others to make their work more efficient and smart. 

Our work principle are integrity, passion, dedication, consistency, creativity and innovation to bring better change in world with the help of latest frontier technology like AI and Robotics.

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Worlds first fully useful, smart and safe service robot. 

Our Supporters


Microsoft for startups


National inovation center

Contact Us

Kathmandu 44600, Nepal


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